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Terms of Business

Why should you read these Terms of Business?

These Terms of Business are important because they explain 3 things:

  1. Your rights once a retainer between us has been established;
  2. The limits on our liability to you and the extent of the duties that we owe to you; and
  3. Certain important rules that apply to both of us.

If anything in these Terms of Business is unclear please contact us.


Heald Solicitors LLP Acquires Chandler Ray in Buckingham

Long-established Milton Keynes firm Heald Solicitors LLP has now acquired Chandler Ray in Buckingham. The merged firm will practice out of both locations with Chandler Ray remaining as the stand-out firm in Buckingham.

Now clients in Milton Keynes and Buckingham can get a one-stop solution for their diverse legal needs and a holistic approach to their legal matters.