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Price Guide | Chandler Ray Solicitors

Conveyancing - Selling a property Chandler Ray's Price Guide for selling a property

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Selling a property can be stressful, but our highly qualified and experienced dedicated team are there to help keep this to a minimum.

If you are not kept informed you can start to feel out of control. We keep you informed, to make the sales process as smooth as possible for you.



Typically for a straightforward case, timeframes are usually anything between 6-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case.

However, timeframes can differ from case to case. If there is a chain transaction, there is always the possibility that the time scale may increase.

We will always ensure you receive the best possible service, providing you with regular updates and keeping you informed throughout the process.


What is involved?

When selling a house we will :-

  • Take your instructions and give you initial advice.
  • Inform the estate agent you have instructed us and obtain a sales memorandum
  • Obtain copies of title documents
  • Confirm instructions to the buyer's solicitors
  • Contact the lender if there is a mortgage to obtain a redemption statement
  • Send the draft contract pack to the buyer's solicitors, including completed protocol forms
  • Respond to enquiries received from the buyer's solicitors
  • Give you advice on all documents and information received
  • Draft the contract and approve the draft transfer documents
  • Send the find contract and transfer to you for signing
  • Agree on the completion date (the date from which you no longer own the property)
  • Exchange contracts and notify you that this has happened
  • Complete the sale
  • Redeem the mortgage (if there is one)
  • Notify the estate agent of completion
  • Send you the balance of the sale proceeds

Our Rates and Fees

The costs are quoted on the basis that the matter is straightforward.

If during the matter things become more complicated then we will inform you of what has changed and how this will change our costs to you.

  • House price up to £300k£1,074.00(£895.00 + VAT)
  • House price £300k - £400k£1,194.00(£995.00 + VAT)
  • House price £400k - £500k£1,380.00(£1,150.00 + VAT)
  • House price £500k - £600k£1,500.00(£1,250.00 + VAT)
  • House price £600k - £800k£1,800.00(£1,500.00 + VAT)
  • House price £800k - £1,000k£2,100.00(£1,750.00 + VAT)
  • House prices over £1,000k+0.25% plus VAT of the purchase price(0.25% of the purchase price + VAT)
  • Personal Verification Check (per person)£20.00(£16.67 + VAT)
  • Company Verification Checks£20.00(£16.67 + VAT)
  • CHAPS Transfer fee (per transfer)£42.00(£35.00 + VAT)
  • FASTER Payment FeeFREE

Additional fees

  • Leasehold properties£300.00(£250.00 + VAT)
  • Redeeming a Help To Buy mortgage£210.00(£175.00 + VAT)
  • Arranging Indemnity Insurance£90.00(£75.00 + VAT)
  • Bankruptcy search£2.20(£2.00 + VAT)


Disbursements may vary from property to property and can on occasion be significantly more than the ranges below.They will be the same regardless of which firm you instruct.

This list is not exhaustive and other disbursements my apply. We will update you as soon as we know what is required.

  • Land Registry Official Copies£3.60 per copy(£3 + VAT)
  • Management Pack for leasehold property£240-£600 approx.(£200-£500 approx. + VAT)

Heald Solicitors LLP Acquires Chandler Ray in Buckingham

Long-established Milton Keynes firm Heald Solicitors LLP has now acquired Chandler Ray in Buckingham. The merged firm will practice out of both locations with Chandler Ray remaining as the stand-out firm in Buckingham.

Now clients in Milton Keynes and Buckingham can get a one-stop solution for their diverse legal needs and a holistic approach to their legal matters.